Monday, April 05, 2010

Psalm Sunday
for Z.P.A.

what have we the power to make happen
something or everything or nothing at all

aggressively living
even if, even within imagination alone

timid to live life up against the city lights
dare to walk home from town, any day, any night

women attached to me, attached to Christ
fear for life, insist against this

oh no you mustn’t give up this freedom
would be to give up everything

I refuse to grip impotency instead of my pen
replace my pen with fists full of anger
or of fear

refuse to replace beauty with ugly
in spite of how powerless I might feel
lacking money, needing money, I feel

to do and to be, to propose and to impress
to get next to whom I might wish to get next to

think though of business men, rolling in dough
targeted by those who would relieve them of life
for a dollar of two

targeted by thieves who would cut them open
like soup cans, to get out what they want

what I’m full of, who wishes, few wish it
attractive to a few women, to a few friends

with whom I have or for whom I have
made it through the rain

this is my 56th Easter Day
is that anything to brag of

is that something to have accomplished
stayed alive in this valley
in the shadow of death

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
5:21 p.m. 04.04.10


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