Friday, September 03, 2010

Awake A Dream
for A.E.

happy to be real or to feel more real
and to be made to feel so
by someone who is as if from dream

I'd feel like I'm dreaming when I see her
what affirmation therefore
does she produce, provide
about what is gravity bound
or what is ephemeral

these though were getting out of bed thoughts

now that I'm down town, now that I've seen her
embraced upon meeting
and upon parting: all in 4 or 5 minutes

what is it that I do with my eyes
take her height without a ruler
take her weight without scale

does she feel my eyes go over her
go up, go down; attempt to lift her,
bear her up

observe she's heavier about the hips
not a bit less lovely

skin covering her, wherever available
to behold, unblemished-brown,
texture of cake batter, baked at 350° F

extracted from the oven the instant when done

girl you gat me groanin'
empathetic or rather, myself in pain

you slipping, falling climbing the stairs
to see silly me, to see just me

and quickly, because minutes late
because it is or was difficult to find parking

missed a step and almost fell
and out of breath
chest rising, falling
exhaling, inhaling so very deeply
I so hurt to hear of your hurt, of your misstep

angels fall--are angels fallen

are you gravity bound like up
crashed your car as well not long ago

what misfortune visiting
I demand they go away
demand they stay away

know they not that
he who watches over the sparrow
sees everyone when it falls
watches over you

you flower petals of a woman
soft as these, as fragrant
as colorful, as wonderful

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
Written between
12 noon and 2:45 p.m., on Friday,
August 27, 2010.


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