Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Dish A Spoon
for D.B.A.

some one to reach me
where I am in isolation
here in isolation
away from almost all the world

can she reach me
can she join me
come here to me
be here with me
or is she walled out
worlds apart
even though she has my heart
to do with what she wishes

put it in a dish like peaches
and with a spoon, eat it
or put it in a pipe, smoke it

need to realize how empty
shallow her responses are
how incapable she is
of making her own choices
of being her own woman
or going her own way

unable to choose me
if she wanted to
put herself with me
attach to me
with so many forces
pulling the other way

how can I expect her
to complement me
accompany me
to the tune I'd like her to
to the degree I need her to

want her to be a grown woman
when she herself
is but a conservative Bahamian girl

granted she is biggety with big butt
but she is but a small part
of a small town
on a tiny island
in a tiny nation

an asylum I have long ago fled
wait for her and wait for her

some close close friends
advise me to be patient
to have patience
but can patience pay off
will it or have I already
wasted too much time
of the rest of the journey
that's my life

remember before
in a similar affair with a woman
thinking it not worth it
to risk life for love

turned coward instead
to be out of harm's way

what of the other fellow though
what of his hanging in there

is he not loving too
in fear and trembling

should I back down, back away
back out

should I not like Curtis Mayfield
keep on pushing

fuck her first
see where that gets us
go east or west
or north or south from there

from stiff cock filling her
in her like a filling station
fueling her

that might be the energizer
relationship needs
for the rest of the journey

places light years away
something in us, joining us
yearning to get to
yearning to take us too

far away from here and now
however will we get there
unless we hang in there

aren't we in love
is it not worth it

when last would I have
in any woman
encountered such commitment
such belief

would I ever have known
a sweeter woman

when she attaches, clutches me,
latches onto me, God how it thrills me

is that not worth living for
risking all of life for
gambling all I've lived for for

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
8:43 a.m. 06.09.10


Anonymous d.a. said...

this is all very sweet obi. an absolute masterpiece.

"attach to me
with so many forces
pulling the other way"

i thought about a muscle, and how it contracts-- the tendon is pulled but although it is under this force the tendon holds the muscle to the bone.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 11:11:00 PM  

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